Alora is the First Singapore-Based Paint Company to Earn U.S. Green Seal Certification

Alora is the First Singapore-Based Paint Company to Earn U.S. Green Seal Certification


Key news highlights:

  • Alora Paints is the first and only Singapore-based paint company to receive US. Green Seal certification, a global environmental endorsement.
  • The recognition follows the company’s recent Singapore Green Label verification.
  • Alora products now qualify for points toward LEED environmental certification.
  • The carbon-neutral company has also joined the United Nations’ Climate Neutral Now initiative, a voluntary effort to promote carbon neutrality and support global climate action.

 Alora Paints earned U.S. Green Seal certification in August, becoming the first and only Singapore-based paint company to receive the global environmental verification. 

Alora's matte and satin finishes qualified for Green Seal’s prestigious GS-11 certification by meeting rigorous performance standards with products that are safer for human health and the environment as compared to similar options. The endorsement underscores Alora’s position as the trusted paint brand for health-minded consumers, and it also benefits architects and design teams who work with homeowners, hotels and institutional clients. Thanks to the GS-11 certification, projects that incorporate Alora paints now qualify for points toward all four levels of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification. 

Alora’s odourless, water-based paints contain near zero volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are the harsh chemicals commonly found in conventional paints, and they can trigger nausea, tiredness, asthma and other respiratory issues. That environmentally conscious formula helped Alora earn the scientifically validated Green Seal recognition. At the same time, Alora’s premium-quality paints tested very high for ease of application, splatter resistance, concealing and touch-up capabilities, and overall coverage. The paints excelled in fade and scratch resistance, scrubbability and washability, as well. 

Alora produces its paints in a carbon-neutral factory and invests in carbon offset projects through the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC). The company has also signed the UNFCCC Climate Neutral Now pledge, joining a voluntary campaign to calculate and cut emissions, offset carbon use and support global climate action.

Alora curbs overall emissions by producing an online catalogue and offering convenient, island-wide delivery that eliminates unnecessary trips to the store. Products are distributed in environmentally responsible packaging, starting with reusable peel-and-stick sample swatch that require fewer production and shipping resources than traditional sample cans. An online coverage calculator minimises waste by letting customers easily determine how much paint they need, and Alora offers 2.5-litre cans that promise an efficient, cost-effective option for feature walls and smaller projects.

Before achieving Green Seal certification, Alora Paints earned the Singapore Green Label (SGL) from the Singapore Environment Council. SGL certification applies life cycle-based, third-party verified ecological standards to all aspects of a product, from raw materials and manufacturing to transportation, packaging and consumer impact. The Singapore Green Label is widely recognised by regional ministries, governmental agencies, procurement professionals and industry members.

“Our dual U.S. Green Seal and Singapore Green Label certifications recognize Alora Paints’ ongoing commitment to offering healthier, high-performing, environmentally responsible paint. We’re proud to create a seamless, stress-free painting experience for both homeowners and professionals, while also taking steps to protect the health and safety of people and the planet,” says Alora Paints Chief Executive Officer Adrian Kok.