Painting Simplified at Alora

They say what you wear reflects who you are as a person. Well, at Alora paints, we want to do more than that. We want to be able to show your guests and loved ones that you are more than meets the eye . You can be adventurous, creative, reliable, a little quirky or even seriously sensible with a simple coat of paint. Most importantly, Alora is here to help with a few simple clicks of a button. 

What is even more comforting to know is how we make the website easy and inspiring for you to navigate all the services we provide. From free delivery (imagine hauling all those cans and supplies home), to dummy proof fun packs that will determine how much paint and supplies you need from a 1 room all the way to 5 room flat (it’s as good as us painting for you... well wait, we do offer that service too), and all the way to offering paint services for your home sweet home. Alora paints is here to make your life as easy as one, two and three.

Oh another thing we forgot to mention to you… our SAMPLE SWATCH! Even now at Alora’s office, we still get excited about this amazingly awesome peel-off tool that can help YOU envision the brilliant colours in your new home. Follow this link so that I can show you how to use these stickers: (ideally, a funny video of an actor taking the consumer through choosing the stickers, to receiving it and to actually pasting it on their walls).