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Alora Paints

Deep Dive

Deep Dive

Our boldest blue is a brilliant, saturated shade that's nothing short of dynamic. It's seriously stylish, and it looks great in any light.

Swatch Stickers Size: 200mm x 200mm

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What's so good about our paint?

Don’t take our word for it our paint has been certified by Singapore Green Label and US Green Seal so you can rest assured that when you buy our paint you are doing mother nature a favour.

It’s not just about being certified, as an organisation we truly care about the environment and continue to contribute towards driving the industry to better quality, safer and healthier paints for all. We are certified carbon neutral company by SCS Global.

Paint = Paint Smell. Not with Alora. We have developed no odour paints so that there are no invasive chemical smells in your home.

We want your home to be as safe as it can be, we have one of the lowest ratings for Volatile Organic Compounds in our paint reassuring your whole family that they are in a safe environment.

Living in the humid tropics? Not a problem with Alora. Our paints have anti mould technology to significantly lower the chances of any mould developing on Alora painted surfaces.

Our paints have the technology to have long-lasting antiviral protection making your home a safer places when under threat from viruses.

Accidents happen, Afterall it’s home. With Alora you can rest assured that clean ups after anything from wine splashes to crayons will be simple.

Choosing the colour for your home is always a tough call, so why not try some of our true to life colour swatches before taking the plunge.

Tools to keep you rolling

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True Colour Swatches.

Our removable, true-color sample swatches are made with real Alora paint.

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