Singapore Paint Company Develops World’s First Multi-Coloured “Unicorn” Paint

Singapore Paint Company Develops World’s First Multi-Coloured “Unicorn” Paint

1 April 2021  - Singapore

Who says unicorns are not real?  A Singapore based paint company has developed the world’s first “Unicorn” coloured paint.  The unique, water-based, near zero VOC paint is applied with either a brush or roller, but within five minutes of application it turns into a rainbow of colours on your wall.  

The company, Alora Paints, was formed in 2020 as a direct to consumer and applicator paint venture with the aim to simplify the shopping experience for paints.  The company’s paints are environmentally responsible, with near zero VOC, zero lead and easy water clean up.   Alora also has a number of innovative offerings, including removable paint sample swatch, ability to add features like antibacterial and antifungal with one click.

“We have been working on creating a unicorn color for 18 years, testing it in kindergartens, day-care centers and kids’ bedrooms.   One request we could not achieve –which many six year-olds were requesting– is to make it smell like unicorn poop.  Alas, all our paints have also no odour”, said Adrian Kok, the company’s CEO.

We asked Adrian how they have spent 18 years developing the unique colour, when they have been around for only two years, but his office replied “Adrian is not available on April 1”. 

The company has produced 42 liters of the unique paint, which can be purchased on the brand’s website

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