Set Your Mood with The Right Paint Colour

Set Your Mood with The Right Paint Colour

Did you know that paint can affect your mood? Set the ambiance for your space and enhance the purpose of the space.

Now, before you start revamping your space there are a couple things you will need to do, one is to think of how you will use your space as well as who will use it. 

Setting an ambiance for your living room or your study will be different, and one way to differentiate these two rooms is by choosing the right paint colour. Unquestionably, you do not want a design scheme where colours conflict with each other. Do to take into account how the colours in a room will make you feel.

Your Living Space

Living room is a space where you and your family spend most of your time to unwind after a long day. Family activities such as watching a movie, having a conversation with your loved ones, relax and read your favourite book.

Putting a big, cosy sofa with lots of cushions might help people to relax in the living room but to set the ambiance of the room and to make people feel calm you will need to choose the right shade for your wall. Painting your living room in beige shades will do the trick while also making your living room look bigger! Other than that, choosing a neutral shade also adds a level of sophistication.

You can choose Post Modern, Tranquility or Top Shelf from our selection.

Give A Kick to Your Space

Do you need a quirky accent or do you want a kick in one of your spaces? You might want to choose a bright yellow, blue or green with yellow undertones. You can also apply these colours for your bathroom, a door or a small accent like your window frames. Even though these colours are bright and happy hues, do note that proportions of these shades in a room also matter, so just be careful playing with them!

You can choose Holding Hands, Enchanted Forest or North Atlantic from our selection.

Your Sleeping Quarter

So many things that are said to help induce sleep, from the essential oils to white noise. But do you know that your bedroom paint colour is also important for your sleep quality? By choosing the right colour for your bedroom you will better align yourself with the emotions you want to feel before going to sleep. Having a soothing and calming space will then result in a much more ideal sleep. Choosing light blue shades or earthy green shades will do the trick.

You can choose Carpe Diem, Morning Calm or Perfect Day from our selection.

Working from Home Area

COVID-19 has really changed the function of your home. It has become the restaurant you couldn’t go to, the home school area for your children or your work area. But have you been having difficulties doing your work from home? Do you ever wonder why you seem too sleepy or cannot focus during studying or working? Have you tried using brown noise or even a noise cancelling headphones but they didn’t work? Look around you and see what is the colour of your working or studying space. If the colours are too soft, then you need a darker colour, like dark blue. Deeper shades of blue encourage a thinking mind to stay focused and eventually will help you with your work.

You can choose Deep Dive, Stately or Alora Blue from our selection.

Embrace Your Moodiness

It is perfectly fine to be moody sometimes. If you want to channel your moodiness and be ready to create a dramatic space, then you will need to choose a right dark paint colour. By using darker shades of purple and red in one area, the surrounding ones will appear more illuminated. Combine and wrap your space with dark leather sofa or deep grey carpets to complete your dramatic space.

You can choose Grand Cru, When Doves Cry or Pomegranate from our selection.